This series documents veterans who have returned to school. These subjects, both men and women, are students of all ages who have served our country and are now attempting to find meaningful work in a still recovering economy. Many of them are going back to school at technical colleges in hopes of not only finding consistent work, but in hopes of finding a new purpose to their lives. The veterans that I have documented have a drive and a will to succeed that inspires and captures the spirit of the service and dedication they displayed during their tours of duty, whether in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan.  I see this series as pertinent to our current social and political environment, shedding light on stories we rarely hear about; positive stories about veterans. This is a work in progress.


Each decade brings a new cause for the queer movement, with gay marriage being the defining struggle in my generation. I started the 'Couples' project after exploring my own views of gay marriage.. I realized the desire to be accepted by the mainstream community overshadowed the possibility of pursuing a different notion of family. The Couples project is a result of this exploration of self, image, and relationships. With gay marriage being legal in only a handful of U.S. states, queer couples balance committed relationships within a system of inequality. Because queer couples have been thrust into a position of being a political statement, the struggle for general acceptance and exploration of variations of family life is overshadowed by the wish to gain the right to marry. Yes, equality is important, but in pursuing the right to marry, are queer couples giving up something else? In creating these images, I invoked classical family portraiture, with stylized poses and varying backgrounds. I recreated my own version of studio family portraiture, allowing these couples to celebrate their relationships, while also questioning the idea of blending in to the whole.